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Beat the Heat & Summer Travel Rush and Memorial Day Alternatives

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The Perfect Time for a Romantic Vacation

While some schools get out at the end of May, most of the month is fairly quiet even in the most popular travel destinations, making it the perfect month for a romantic vacation.  Even the northern travel destinations are finally starting to warm up and in the south and out west beautiful days begin to add up quickly.

Whether you’re looking for a beach destination, a place where you can let your adventurous side go, or somewhere a little bit more secluded there are plenty of great vacations to be had during this time of the year, both stateside and abroad.  And considering schools are still in session these fantastic destinations won’t be packed with kids.  Ask your travel agent to help you book your May romantic getaway to any of these destinations, or one you might have in mind yourself, before it’s too late.

Perfect May Beach Destinations –

·         Capri, Italy – If you have dreamed of visiting Italy now is a good time to plan a trip.  May is the beginning of the travel season in Capri and for good reason.  Tropical flowers are in bloom and the scent is in the air and the streets are net yet crowded with the seasonal droves of tourists.  Capri offers the ultimate in romance too, with quaint little restaurants, breathtaking beaches, and fabulous luxury hotels.

·         Carmel, CA – Most of California is beautiful but Carmel offers much more for those looking for a romantic getaway destination.  There are many charming B&Bs to choose from along the beautiful California coastline and the weather is fantastic for walking along the beach with your special someone.

Exciting May Adventurous Vacations –

·         Bar Harbor, Maine – May is the month for all types of adventures in Bar Harbor, Maine.  Not only is it a great time for whale watching on the coast but it’s an even better time to adventure out into nearby Acadia National Park.  Hiking in the park in May will afford you spectacular views of the coast and woodlands and there is no shortage of great restaurants and lodging establishments in the town of Bar Harbor.

·         Cantón de Aguirre, Costa Rica – Adventure awaits around every corner is Costa Rica.  From the rainforests to the coast there is always something exciting waiting to happen and in Cantón de Aguirre you can get a taste of both.  Here is where the rainforest and the white sand beaches meet to offer a one-of-a-kind adventure filled vacation experience.

Secluded Places for a Romantic May Getaway –

·         Woodstock, Vermont – Woodstock, Vermont is a beautiful place and in May the mountains start to turn green with fresh grass and the trees begin to bloom with the arrival of spring, yet it is still cool enough at night to cozy up next to a roaring fireplace.  A nice mountain retreat will give you the seclusion you’re looking for but you won’t be too far from great restaurants and local culture either. 

·         Antigua, West Indies – In Antigua you can get the best of both worlds in regards to beaches as well as seclusion.  Boasting as many as 365 different beaches there are endless opportunities for some private time.  In May the weather is perfect for the open-air verandas so commonly found at the resorts and outdoor restaurants located in town.  Hillside cottages offer seclusion with spectacular scenery perfect for romantic evenings.

The month of May is filled with romantic getaway opportunities and what better time to go when the cost is lower and the crowds are thinner.  Traveling during this off-season allows you to get more bang for your buck and more privacy for your romantic getaway so start planning with your travel agent today…

Memorial Day Weekend Vacation Alternatives

If you have ever tried to plan a getaway for Memorial Day weekend, then you have likely found it quite difficult.  Everything seems to be booked up well before the arrival of the holiday and what’s left is high-priced and packed with weekend travelers.  You can avoid all that by visiting somewhere that doesn’t observe the holiday weekend.  Below are a few options you can discuss with your travel agent so that you can finally find a place to enjoy a Memorial Day weekend getaway:

1.      Toronto, Canada – Once you cross the border into Canada you no longer have to worry about Memorial Day weekend crowds and what better place to experience the country than the city of Toronto.  Toronto is chock full of great restaurants, places to explore and opportunities to experience cultural diversity at its best.  The weather is nicer in May but not yet hot and the busy season hasn’t started yet.

2.      Cabo San Lucas, Mexico – Not far from the U.S. and fairly affordable in May, Cabo San Lucas is a fantastic place to get away from the Memorial Day weekend crowds.  Its close proximity makes ideal for a long weekend trip and the temperatures are borderline balmy, which is a nice change after experiencing the colder weather of winter in the states.

3.      Paris, France – Europe is popular for Memorial Day weekend getaways and is much more affordable than the summer months during this time.  You will find that this is a great time to visit Paris if this has been something you’ve been wanting to do.  It is the beginning of the season for events and if you go at the right time you might be able to catch a jazz festival or one of any number of exciting events hosted in the city. 

Even if you leave the country during Memorial Day weekend you can celebrate the holiday in your own way.  Take advantage of the slower season elsewhere and experience a Memorial Day weekend vacation like never before. 

Traveling in May offers so many benefits as opposed to the busier summer season.  You still get to experience fantastic weather in many places where the prices are lower and there are fewer crowds but still plenty to see and do.  We can help you explore these and many other perfect May vacation destinations and they’re only a phone call away…972-805-1773 or email:

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